Ski-Inn® is an ownership model that is based on leasing the accommodation when the owner is not utilizing it. Since 2004 we have built over 400 accommodations in Ruka and close to 100 in Pyhä.

The perks of owning a Ski-Inn accommodation is the easiness and good profit: Ski-Inn ltd facilitates all the expenses and accounts the rental incomes for the owner twice a year. Leasing and maintenance of the accommodation happen in an effortless manner hence allowing the owner the best possible profit.

The accommodation is always cleaned and ready to be utilized, when You arrive to the resort. When the apartment is not in your use, it will produce You leasing income through Ski-Inn renting pool.

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Ski-Inn® in a nutshell

From the accommodation owner's point of view the Ski-Inn operation is based on the following 4 goals:

1) The ease of the ownership: The maintenance of the accommodation will be done by Ski-Inn ltd and accounts the rental incomes for the owner twice a year.

2) Good profit: Our absolute goal is that the profit after the expenses is better than the areas' other similar accommodations.

3) Open and efficient operation: The owner is always the most important client of ours and each owner is treated equally. The premier target for Ski-Inn is to maximize the leasing income and utilization rate. 

4) The easiness of own usage: The accommodation is always tidy when you arrive and you have the ability to leave your equipment waiting to a locked repository for the next visit. The quick reservation allows you to vacate also without losing any rental income. 

Ski-Inn Ltd reports annually transparently nearly all of the accommodation types' rental incomes and management expenses. See the fiscal year 2019-2020 summary here

Ski-Inn novelty: RukaValley

RukaValley Studio sales price starting from 64 500 €

There will be a new era in the development in Ruka when East Ruka, right next to the slopes and Valtavaara conservation area, will get a new village RukaValley. Firstly, the new area will welcome the Ski-Inn Hotel RukaValley, which opened in December 2019. It contains 60 rooms and 60 apartments. The sales for the apartments has started, get to know the accommodation and make a reservation for your own Ski-Inn!

Ruka Valley sales brochure

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