Corona information

Reservations for Ski-Inn Apartments for summer season 2020 can be made from 1st of June onwards. Reservations for season 20-21 can be made as usual.

SKI-INN Hotels & Apartments in Ruka and Pyhä currently operate with normal opening hours.  Our usual cancellation and change policy apply, with one exception: due to a coronavirus epidemic, You can postpone your reservation until the start date Your stay and the date of the future accommodation can be left open for You to decide it later (read detailed terms below). 

Our customer service is currently busy, but we will try to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. If You wish to cancel or change your booking, please do so in writing to or If your booking is about to begin the next day, we will try to handle it past the queue, otherwise we will respond to messages in the order of arrival. If You have already emailed us, we kindly ask that you refrain from calling us so that we can speed up the processing of Your requests. We appreciate your patience. 

If you have flu symptoms or have been dealing with a person with flu symptoms, we kindly ask you to reschedule your trip and get well at home. 

Intensified cleaning:

All our accommodations and public spaces are cleaned by professionals. We have started intensified cleaning at all Ski-Inn destinations, following instructions from THL (Finnish institute of health and welfare) and other authorities. For intensified cleaning, special attention is paid to surface cleaning and disinfection. We also have the capability to respond to rapidly changing situations with regard to special cleaning, should the situation require it. All our service points display THL's latest hygiene guidelines and hand sanitizer is at hand. Our staff is instructed to follow government regulations and to inform our clients whenever necessary.

Read more about the effects of the coronavirus in the Ruka and Pyhä tourist areas: 

Link to Ruka's info 

Link to Pyhä’s info 


Changes to accommodation bookings can be made on the following terms: Booking changes can be made without any charge until the due date of the prepayment. After this if changes are made no later than one week (7 days) prior to the booking period: any changes to a corresponding period or an accommodation with equal price are free of charge. If a change is made for a more expensive period or accommodation type, the customer shall pay an extra fee amounting to the difference in price. If, however, the change is made for a more inexpensive period of time or accommodation type, the price difference shall not be returned to the customer. Changes to the accommodation period are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the point of time of the original booking. 

Cancellations shall always be made in written to the service provider. Ignoring the payment of the invoice is not regarded as a valid measure for cancelling a reservation.   

A booking can be cancelled without any charges any time before the due date of the prepayment. Bookings that are invoiced as a single charge can be cancelled before the due date without any charges. 

If a booking is cancelled on the due date of the prepayment invoice or less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the booked accommodation period, the service provider has the right to withhold the prepayment (1/3 of booking total value) and the handling charge.   

If the cancellation is made less than 4 weeks prior to the booked accommodation period or during the accommodation period, the total fee will be charged (100 % accommodation fee) and the already paid charges will be withheld by the service provider. 

If the cancellation is made prior to the start of the booking period due to a severe illness or death of the customer or their close relatives, the booking fee excluding a cancellation fee of 46€ will be returned to the customer. A medical certificate or another reliable proof will have to be presented within 2 weeks from the cancellation.