Environmental sustainability


The Ski-Inn Apartments are an ecological choice for accommodation since the carbon footprint of their energy consumption is zero. The electricity is generated with hydropower and the heating with biomass. In addition, the central location of the apartments reduces the need for a car in the area.

There are separate bins and instructions for waste sorting in all apartments. The recycling point is located right next to the apartments. We recycle glass, metal, paper and combustible waste. 

Recycling is important

By sorting your rubbish properly, waste becomes either new raw material or a source of energy. You will find the recycling point of Ruka in Rukanriutta, close to the S-market grocery store and in Pyhä next to K-Market Pyhäntähti. There are separate bins for glass, metal, paper and cardboard.

Did you know that you will get a refund for bringing your empty drinking bottles and cans back to grocery store?